Why and how to recruit and retain top talent, inexpensively (Part 1 of 3)

Hire the BestWhy is “recruiting top talent” and “employee retention” becoming more prevalent and necessary?

It probably goes without saying that having the brightest people working for you yields the best results. This isn’t a lie. For the most part, it is definitely true. It is the best to have the best. No, it doesn’t take an entire blog to tell the truth, but here it is. The most intelligent, creative, dedicated and productive employees will supply the best products and services.

This is why people recruit the best and brightest!

There are departments filled with people in “big” and “famous” corporations spending countless hours trying to recruit and hire the best of the best. They research, e-mail, call, text….They attend and host functions at elite universities, spend a lot of money attracting specific individuals with dinners, offers of huge salaries and reimbursed living expenses, and so much more.

No, this does not take the “little guy” out of the game. Even without having the funds to hire recruitment teams and wine and dine potential employees, you can still find, hire, and retain the most coveted staff members. Be sure to continue reading this blog, along with the following two, to gain some insight.

People live and people die. It’s both beautiful and unfortunate. No kidding, you say! I say this because it means that the changes in the employee pool are similar to changes in businesses. When you have someone leave or retire, you need fresh blood. You need new ideas. It’s the circle of life….ugh, yes, I said it! You need someone new, capable and knowledgeable enough to keep you updated.

It’s not an age game. It’s not a focus on university recruiting either. It’s a matter of finding and securing the most intelligent and advanced employee you possibly can, out of this waxing and waning pool of candidates. Fresh doesn’t mean young, in so far as university recruitment was merely an example, so please don’t misinterpret that comment.

Face the facts. It doesn’t matter if a candidate is 20 years old or 65 years old. What matters is that you, no matter your company size, or bank account size, can play with the “big boys,” if you know how to. And, of course, try to.

So why is it such a big issue, especially now?

It’s not like the olden-days. There was no E-mail, Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, etc. With technological advances and the world turning faster, we all are trying harder to focus on keeping up. In keeping up with advances, we are pulled in so many directions and more easily accessible. Don’t see the connection yet?

There were not so many digital avenues to seek, find, communicate, and connect, instantaneously. It was personal. It was; I meet you, you meet me, we exchange numbers or business cards, and set up meetings or phone calls. We couldn’t be investigated and sought out so simply. We weren’t stolen or recruited or hunted, at least not as much as today. With so many advanced resources to find, connect and attract employees, the bigger guys get the best of the litter, right?

How does this apply here?

I’ve seen so many companies, big and small, lose amazing talent, merely because the company wasn’t taking appropriate steps to find, retain and secure its most valuable people. The saddest part is that it doesn’t take money or that much effort. It only takes basic thought, consideration, and minor focus.

How? Let’s move on to the next chapter of this 3-part series.

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