How software can greatly improve your company’s communication and why it is so important

Bad Communication

If you are finding that time and energy, which amounts to profits, are being wasted within your company due to miscommunication or lack of communication, both internally and externally, you may need to consider making some changes.  Very easily and inexpensively, you can put a plan in place to effectively route verbal data, avoid problems caused by missing and misunderstood information and instructions, and create a clear path for important correspondence.  Software can have a massive impact on creating a more streamlined and cohesive communication avenue for your staff and clients.  Let technology do the work for you, while you enjoy the benefits of clear and efficient exchanges between you, your staff and your clients/customers.




In the event your staff is relying randomly on word of mouth, IMs, emails, digital notes, paper, or post-its to communicate internally, chances are, you are experiencing chaos, along with lost messages, forgotten to-dos, and missing data.  You need structure abided by all.  No human being can be expected to meet their productivity potential when required to address an excessive amount of avenues of communication.  It’s simply too distracting and inefficient, causing brain overload.  Consider how much easier and effective it is to utilize a single avenue of communication, entry and exit.

Furthermore, productivity is decreased when staff has to yell across the office or continually beep extension lines, by interrupting everyone around the culprits.  Are you the victim of an unnecessarily loud environment?  If you find yourself being interrupted unnecessarily, most often the rest of the staff is also.  There is a quick fix.


Most importantly, your clients expect quick, coherent and comprehensive answers to their questions.  In order to comply, staff must have the capacity to easily access information, as well as have an entirely universal view of the cases and what has and has not yet been accomplished.  You cannot effectively handle questions without a central location for all information, provided by all staff.  Increase your standard of service and you will increase your profits by becoming more efficient and growing your clientele via referrals.


Consider software for your office.  This will allow you to decide if you want to utilize IMs, Emails, Notes, Tasks, etc. to communicate. You can choose your primary avenue of communication within the office and reduce communication clutter.  You can build a package and systematize not only communication, but also workflow, office management, finances and documents.  Many software packages will centralize all of your client and matter data, it will streamline communication, and it will offer one entry and exit point for everything related to your business.

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